mixed media works on paper, varying in sizes from A5-A2


what's found within when surroudings change.

1. The embodiment of a dream, A3

2.  From when thoughts sung their songs, A4 (sold)

3. Intuitive Being 1, A3

4. Intuitive Being 2, A3

5. In starry nights the forests sing, A4

5.5. Portal, A3

6. Many eyes to see, A4

7.  She who lives, A3

8. Balls of energy, A4

9. Jolie-laide, A4

10. Embracing change, A4

11. Holding a sunrise for you, A4

12. Masking, A4

13. Helicopter, A4

14. Trophies growing, A4

15. Snake godess, A3

16. La que sabe, A4

17. Origin, A4

18.  Untitled, A4

19. Growing eyes, A6 (sold)



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